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Thank you for your support of the
11th Annual Lyme Disease Poker Run
Held on: Sunday August 13th, 2017
This was the biggest ride to date, 606 riders, keeping us Connecticut's largest "Poker Style" Motorcycle ride.

We raised an amazing $24,117 to keep our scholarship program running with The University of New Haven, and to go towards other research, education and awareness programs.
This is Connecticut's largest poker style run, and is a ride at your own pace 65 mile ride through scenic southeastern Connecticut, running down the famous Route 66.  There is plenty of parking, raffle prizes, 50/50 raffle and lots of fun.  Admission includes: prizes for the best and worst poker hand, food after the ride, and the band 1800 for entertainment.  Breakfast sandwiches will also be served during registration time.
For more information, please contact 
Tony Gargano at (860) 537-0255
or by e-mail at tony_ctlymeriders@hotmail.com

For those who don't ride, you are welcome to join us after the ride returns for the food, band and raffles.  A donation of $15.00 per person will be collected.
CT Lyme Riders, Inc. has a brochure on Lyme disease, 
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CT Lyme Riders, Inc. came about to raise awareness of Lyme disease. Connecticut has one of the highest number of reported cases in Lyme disease and it is an endemic in our state. After seeing first hand how debilitating Lyme disease can be and how many people are affected, we had to do something.  Founded in 2007 by Sandy Brule and Tony Gargano, CT Lyme Riders, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit public charity, recognized by the IRS under tax ID number 26-0428481.

After being been sick for several years and hearing the doctors say everything from there is nothing wrong, to it's all in your head, maybe you have Multiple Sclerosis, and many other mis-diagnosis, it was finally found to be Lyme disease. Once we realized what it was, we started doing research on this horrible disease and realized that we are not alone. The tests used for the Lyme are only about 60% accurate, so Lyme disease becomes a clinical diagnosis. We have run into many people who have the disease and they went through many years of the same tests, wrong diagnosis, and suffering that we have been through. We realized that more awareness and education was needed about this disease, and came up with the idea of a motorcycle poker run.


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  Nymphal ticks are the size of a poppy seed. 
Can you find the tick among the seeds on this bagel?


In memory of Dr. Gerald B. Weiss
The Lyme community lost a great doctor on June 2, 2012 to a tragic accident.
Click on the memory candle above for the obituary and article.
R.I.P. Dr. Weiss


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