CT Lyme Riders, Inc.
2011 Lyme Ride
August 14, 2011

CT Lyme Riders, Inc. founders, Tony and Sandy

Registration team

Raffle ticket sales team

Breakfast cooking crew

Sandy and Ria

Custom made sign for silent auction prize, thanks Jay Ventura

It's raining

Jim Neary suiting up for the wet ride, thanks for your support!

A group heading out on the wet ride

Lori and Rich, thanks for hosting a poker run spot every year!

Are we ready to go?

Victor, returning wet

Staying nice and dry

This is a wet Lumpy

Temp tat looks good

Jay Ventura, thanks again for the sign!

Chrome Lyme ride sponsors all five years, Sherri and John Gagnon!

Rob, Lyme Disease sufferer, glad to see you out

Darnell cooking the wonderful steamed ship rounds

Victor and Terry won the sign, Congratulations

1800 rocks the house year after year, Thank you!

Turk and little Turk

Todd (Secret Squirrel) and Sam

Nice dry ride home with the new jacket

Top collector 2011

Dad, Sandy and Tony

The Challenge, shave your head for $1,000.  Steve stepped up and did it!

Lumpy shaving his beard to raise money

Travis taking the beard challenge, Thank you!

2011 Lyme guitar winners, Molly and Maria Mcnichols

Sherri and Sandy

Looks good Steve!

.           .

 Dedicated to Raising Awareness and the Education of Lyme Disease