CT Lyme Riders, Inc.
2012 Lyme Ride
August 12, 2012

Sandy, Ria and Terry

Sandy and Vic watching over things

Registration Team

Cool sign Sandy had made up as a gift for me...Thanks

Lori and Rich getting ready for the crowd

Rob signing in at registration

Frank taking pics

Raffle Sales Team

Parking lot crew

Lumpy directing the riders in

Dale's bike


Parking lot filling up


The Lyme community lost a great doctor this year, R.I.P. Dr. Weiss

Sandy and I wore special shirts in memory of Dr. Weiss

Darnell - owner of Rolling Bone Catering

Steve and Lauren

Anthony - Troiano Auto, a Lyme Ride Sponsor

Tuesday Warley - Henna Tattoos 

Zig Zag Sewing

S.L.A.M. of Massachusetts

Ann Ricciardi from Neuro Science Labs

A group heading out

Tony and Sandy

Ryan and friends


Dave and Laurie

Dale, Ria, Russ

Vic and Terry

Dale and Ria

Michelle and Rick


Looking good Jerry

Deborah, Andrew and Rich

Stop 1

Stop 1 volunteers: Ryan and Cody

Stop 1 volunteers: Larry and Andrew

Chris Snow and Bob Mason from the Snowride

Lynn, Sandy, and Tony

Stop 2

Stop 2 volunteers: Corin and Honey

Sandy, Charlie, Mike

Stop 3

Stop 3 volunteers: Beth, Katie and Kyle


Ryan, Cody, Kevin, Lumpy

Ray and Max

Great staff shot!

Lumpy and Kelly


Stop 4

Stop 4 volunteers: Jacquelyn and Chris


Tony and Steve having some green wig fun for the ride back

Andy and his helmet cam

The wigs stay on even while traveling down Rt. 66

Frank getting pics as we pull in

Tony and Sandy

Kelly of Kelly Jean Photography still taking pictures while riding

Lori and Rich

Stop 5 volunteers: Andrew and Christa

Jason working with the food crew

Terrance, Darnell and James: Steamed ship rounds looking good

Uncle Bob serving steamed ship round

Larry serving pulled pork

Jim serving chicken and salad

Lynn and Sandy

Jason and Haymond Girl

Molly and Maria helping sell raffle tickets, Thanks for your help every year!

Great temporary tattoo spot

1800 Band, They Rock!

Hi Walt

Dana, Seth, and Walter

Chance and friend

Kelly of Kelly Jean Photography and Lumpy

Nice neck shot


Christa and Jim

Chris Turkington, 1800 band

Steve Wovkanech, special guest bass player

Mike having fun

50/50 raffle winner

Awesome custom made sign.  Hand routered by the shop inmates at 
Cheshire Correctional.  Thanks Jay Ventura

Raffle time

Not sure whats so funny, but Tony and Steve are having fun

Sherri and Sandy

Tony, Sandy, Dave, and Denise

John and Tony

Tony, Sandy and Frank


Special thanks to Frank Gargano and Kelly Palmer of Kelly Jean Photography 
for taking all the photos for the 2012 Lyme Ride!

.           .

 Dedicated to Raising Awareness and the Education of Lyme Disease