CT Lyme Riders, Inc.
2013 Lyme Ride
August 11, 2013

Thank you to our sponsors!

Lumpy, Cody, and Ryan

Registration Team

New shirt design for sale

Cool raffle prize, bar table lamp

Stihl wagon for a raffle prize

Cool hand carved Harley sign.  Thanks Jay Ventura, and the C.O.'s at Cheshire Correctional

Registration getting busy

Sandwiches are good!


John, Andy, and the breakfast sandwich cooking team

Ordering a breakfast sandwich

Outside filling out forms before going into register

Thanks Molly and Maria for helping with the raffle

Thanks for your support, Renegade Knights!


Tony, Sandy and Dad (Frank)

Kelly Palmer of Kelly Palmer Photography


Trantolo Girls doing poker run stop #1 w/Robert Ives



Duane and crew!

Lot full, now filling the field

Food serving crew

Parking lot full

Andrew and Jacquelyn, heading to poker stop 2


Group heading out for the ride


Lori and Rich


Poker run stop #2


Stop 2 volunteers: Kyle Haggerty and Mark Fontaine


Rt 66 into East Hampton, heading to stop #3

Poker run stop #3

Staff heading over the bridge

Stop 3 volunteers: Beth and Diana, with Lynn cheking in

Marc drawing a card

Heading out to stop 4

Vic and Terry on the new bike

Poker run stop #4

Haymond girls

Great raffle prize donated by Carefree Small Buildings-Thank You!

Food Serving Time, 2 lines so much faster serving time

Todd and Jim serving food

Poker run stop # 5 volunteers: Lori and Andrew

Duane's plate

Thanks for coming year after year!

WW2 Vet Walt-Thanks for coming every year!


Thanks for the support Capitol City Riders!

Lynn, Sandy, Turk, Ria, Terry

Duane and friends

Raffle time

Steve (CT Lyme Riders V.P., andguest bass player with 1800)

Uncle Tom


Steve calling off raffle numbers

Full House

Jacquelyn and Logan

Lauren, Meri, Steve

Cody and Karly

Lumpy hanging out

Jacquelyn, Cody, Jason, Dad(Frank) Lori & Rich

Jim, Heather & Christa

Special thanks to Frank Gargano and Kelly Palmer of Kelly Jean Photography 
for taking all the photos for the 2013 Lyme Ride!

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 Dedicated to Raising Awareness and the Education of Lyme Disease