CT Lyme Riders, Inc.
2015 Lyme Ride
August 9, 2015

  Facebook check in at the Lyme Ride

CT Lyme Rider Co-founders Sandy Brule & Tony Gargano!

Over 1000 bottles of water stacked up for the ride

Over 80 trays of food to be cooked for when riders return


Breakfast sandwich crew!

New vanity plate on Tony's bike

New registration set up - two tables outside means
no lines-no waiting

Lynn & Malorie getting setting up for raffle sales

Thank you Carefree Small Buildings for this great raffle prize

Beautiful wood carvings - Thanks Drew's Landscaping!

  Registration team Terry, Faith, Dawn, Marissa & Jessica (missing from pic Ria & Denise)

Ria & Denise at registration

  Jessica & Marissa setting up the pre-registration table

  Lori sorting shirts

Faith & Carl

Terry & Dawn at working the registration

Lumpy ready to direct the riders in

Haymonds girls have arrived

Hear comes the riders

Kelly Palmer of Kelly Jean photography getting rider pics at a new angle


Parking lot filling in nice


Lloyd talking with trike owner


Lower lot full, now lining them up in the upper lot - Thanks for the support!

Old school

Devyn & Malorie selling raffle tickets

Jason, Jim & Dave



Sandy, Terry, Casey & Walter

Uncle Bob & Jason


Jason setting up food tables


Trantolo tent busy with people - Thanks for your support!

Busy putting on temporary tattoos

Lumpy and Kelly

Mike, Walter, Casey & Seth


B.A.C.A. - Thanks for the great work this club does for child abuse!

Thanks to all the clubs for your continued support!

Time for our group to head out

Vic & Terry

1st stop - The Tap Room in Lebanon

Great signs - Thanks Levine Distributing

Full parking lot at The Tap Room

1st stop Volunteers - Lori, Sharon, Rich & Jacquelyn


2nd Stop - Sports Bar in Willimantic

2nd stop Volunteers - Dales, Donna & Mike



Ted hanging out

Mike who is always happy to help out!

Vic checking things out

A goof ball pic w/ Ted, Casey, Sandy, Terry & Steve

Vic & Terry on the way to stop 3

Our group on the road to stop 3

3rd stop - The Brown Derby in Montville

Stop 3 volunteers - Beth & Diana (above) Kelsey & Katie (below)

John and his brothers - Thanks for all yoour support every year!

Jason & his son pulling into stop 3

Eric is at stop 3

Charlie at the Brown Derby


Tony & Sandy pulling out of stop 3 and heading to stop 4!

Charlie and Marissa

Vic & Terry heading to stop 4

Caught up with Seth & Dana, they joined us to stop 4

Carl & Casey, Ted, and Kevin on the way to stop 4



Riders passing by each other as route went in both directions

Meanwhile back at the Fish & Game, food is being cooked for soon returning riders
Jason, Chris, Jim & Cody

Chris (Family Pizza) checking things out with the guys

Food trays staying warm on the towable grill

Uncle Bob and Dave Dube cutting all the Limes for the Lyme challenge coming later

Stop 4 - The Lyme Tavern in Niantic

Kristen was a surprise volunteer at stop 4, Thanks Kristen & Honey for your help!
Kristen, Honey, Sandy & Terry

Sandy & Tony heading back to The Fish & Game Club

Terry & Vic

John Haymond is at The Fish & Game Club to welcome back the riders



Frank Gargano & John Haymond

John & Nik

Congressman Joe Courtney stopped by, with Mike and John Haymond

Our group pulling back in





Ray & Helena

Tony, Sandy, and Dr Sabovic (Sandy's Lyme Doctor)

Dinner time.  Jason, Uncle Bob, Dave & Todd - Thanks for helping with the food service

Jim & Heather helping with food in line two

Sharon & Uncle Bob

Father Mike

Returning riders drawing the last cards

Nice temporary Tat Chance!  Thanks for your continued support



Haymond Law tent - Thanks for being a ride sponsor and supporter from day 1!

Uncle Tom and Dad (Frank)

Great band - Pop City



Frank, Tony, Marissa, Vic & Charlie

Christos & Maria of Family Pizza  - Thank you so much for the great food!

Susie & Todd


Drew who made the wood carving owl & bear


Dale has some heavy thinking going on!


Great raffle ticket sales team - Thanks Devyn, Mallorie & Lynn

Robert Ives

Raffle ticket time

Meri drawing the raffle tickets for Steve

Cody enjoying a late day cold one

Jacquelyn, Jason & Cody

Lyme bite challenge time!

478 people took the Lyme Challenge and bit a lime wedge.  We raised $956 for lymedisease.or
in the biggest Lime Bite Challenge I have ever seen!  Thank you riders!

Here's the Lime Bite Challenge on youtube



Remembering two lost friends

    Walter (with hat on) who made it to every ride, passed
August 2015 just before the 9th ride


Special thanks to Frank Gargano, Kelly Palmer of Kelly Jean Photography &
Dexter of Haymond Law for taking all the photos for the 2015 Lyme Ride!

.           .

 Dedicated to Raising Awareness and the Education of Lyme Disease