CT Lyme Riders, Inc.
2016 Lyme Ride
August 14, 2016

Hottest day of the year & with super high humidty

Missing CT Lyme Rider Co-founder Sandy Brule

Over 1000 bottles of water stacked up for the ride

Registration getting ready for the riders

Part of the registration team (Denise, Brittany, Dawn, Lori, & Ria)

Pre-Registration (Marissa, Jessica, and the Trantolo girls)

Raffle ticket team (Lynn, Malorie & Devyn)

Raffle prizes all lined up

Raffle prizes again - thank you to everyone who donates raffle prizes to our event!

Larry owner of Majestic Masonary, LLC in Colchester

Beautiful wood carvings - Thanks Drew's Landscaping of Hebron!

Ten year can coozie

More registration team (Dee, Carl, Faith & Terry)

Rich and Lloyd

Lumpy directing the riders in

Trantolo Girls helping with registration forms

Riders coming in batches

Cody made it from putting out the arrow signs

Tony and Frank

More and more riders - Thank you!

Thanks for the pics Dexter


Kelly of Kelly Jean Photography and Tony 

Registration tents

Lori with all her ride stop stuff

Zig Zag Sewing, one of our great Vendors - Thank you!



Vic trying to keep cool and hydrated

Get this girl some shoes!

Trying to keep cool in the shade buy the trees, but it's still hot

Nice Lime green flames!

Never seen this one before


Aerial Drone pic

There's the little guy

Drone flyer Shannon of S&W Landscaping with his wife Wendy

Lower lot starting to fill in

Happy rider, makes for a fun day

Lori and Frank


Busy putting on temporary tattoos

Nice Classic Cadillac

Rex, April, John Haymond, Sandy & Rich

Keith, Scott, Tony & Norm  - Thanks Trantolo Law for your sponsorship and Support!

Kevin, Jason & Ryan helping with parking all the bikes

Getting a Temporary Lyme Bites Tattoo

Time for our group to head out

Vic & Terry ready to get some air and try to cool down!


John joining in with our group

Jason & Brittany



Riders heading out

Cool mirror pic Kelly

Stop 1 - Lyme Tavern in Niantic

  Stop 1 Volunteers - Kristen, Corin, Donna & Honey!


Rich & Kevin

Hot dog time!

  Honey busy at the table with the cards


Time to head off to stop 2

Plate - LYM-RDR

Carl & Dee on way to stop 2

Found a guy on his scooter - didn't join in with us.

Rich & Sandy heading to stop 2

Rex & April

  Our group on the way to stop 2 - at a light, Kevin just chillin

Stop 2 - Lawn parking


  Stop 2 - Monkey Farm in Old Saybrook

Hanging on the Monkey Farm Porch

Stop 2 Volunteers at table 1 - Lori and Sharon, table 2 Rich & Mike

Riders still pulling into The Monkey Farm

Steve & Lumpy

Dee, Carl, Daryl & Rich


Time to pull out and head to stop 3



Stop 3 - Gelston House in East Haddam

Tony & Katie

Stop 3 Volunteers at table 1 - Beth & Diana, table 2 Katie & Shelby

Rex & the guys having some fun!

Our crew on the river dock - Katie and Terry are locked where Sandy should be, missing her today!

Terry with the M&J Bus company sponsor sign

Leaving stop 3 to go back to The Fish & Game Club in Colchester

Lumpy parked on the side of the road so Kelly can get pics of us going by

Back at The Fish & Game Club

John Haymond welcoming back the riders - Kelly

Andrew, Frank & Tony - and yes that's sweat in the shirts

Stop 4 Volunteers - Deby, Jacquelyn (and missing from photo Andrew)

Faith and Denise selling shorts and other goodies as the riders return

  Jim & Heather

Returning riders drawing the last card

Some photo booth fun - Kelly & Brenda

More photo booth fun!

Roger helping to keep the water stocked

Doug & Joe in the kitchen, food is prepped and ready to eat!

Food serving time! Dave above, Cody & Brittany below

Thank you Christos and Family Pizza!

Joe bringing out another hot tray of food from the kitchen

    Trying to stay cool in the shade



Carl, John & Dee

Uncle Tom & Dad (Frank)


10 year Thank you award time.  We gave awards to the sponsors who have been with us all 10 years

First award goes to John Haymond - Haymond Law


John & Tony

Tony, Steve & Vic

Next award to Gano's Power Equipment

Tony & Dad (Frank)

  Troiano Auto Award

Tony, Terry and Vic - getting their award for always being there to make this ride such a success!

Band - Pop City

Yep, it's that sweaty hot of a day!

Lori & Cody


Young Lyme warrior, showing off his temporary tattoo

Best hand time

Happy winner

50/50 time, Vic stirring them up good

Steve - Calling out the winning number

Winner Don Hibbert - & he gave it all back, Thanks Don!

Worst hand winner



Kelly cooling off Oliver

Our great sponsors - Thank you!


Special thanks to Frank Gargano, Kelly Palmer of Kelly Jean Photography &
Dexter of Haymond Law for taking all the photos for & at the 2016 Lyme Ride!

.           .

 Dedicated to Raising Awareness and the Education of Lyme Disease