CT Lyme Riders, Inc.
Founders of CT Lyme Riders, Inc.

Founded in 2007 by Sandy Brule and Tony Gargano, CT Lyme Riders, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit public charity, recognized by the IRS under tax ID number 26-0428481.

After many years of mis-diagnosis and testing, we finally received an answer, Lyme disease.  At first we thought  what many people do, how bad can this be?  Then the reality and consequences of the disease set in, and we starting looking for answers.  The lack of awareness to Lyme disease was staggering, even doctors couldn't agree on treatment.  Sandy and I asked around and found a support group, then started seeing and talking with many other people with the same symptoms and problems.  These people had suffered for years to get their answers as well.  This is when we realized that more awareness and education was needed about Lyme disease, and came up with the idea of a motorcycle poker run.

We can gladly say, that we have been able to steer many people in the right direction, and this is why CT Lyme Riders, Inc. exists.  Lyme research, awareness, education, and prevention are what we try to help others with.

Sandy Brule Tony Gargano


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 Dedicated to Raising Awareness and the Education of Lyme Disease