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Helpful Links
We have spent many hours researching Lyme disease.  Below is a list of web site links that we have found to have some of the best information.  There is information for yourself, a loved one, or if you just want to learn more about how terrible Lyme disease truely is. We hope this helps! The Links listed below are diagnostic hints and treatments guideline pamphlets.  These pamphlets can be printed out and will guide you through the types of Lyme co-infections, talk about generalbody metal measurements, include diagnostic hints, treatment information, types of antibiotics, physical therapies, and more.  These are great reading, and full of wonderful information. When testing for Lyme, it requires more than just a simple, basic blood test to get a proper diagnosis.  Below are the labs that specialize in Lyme disease testing.  The labs use cutting edge technology to properly diagnose Lyme disease, and not lead to false positive testing.

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